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Loadshop™ is the new freight matching platform that seamlessly connects shippers and carriers to create more opportunities with greater transparency and clarity in a volatile spot market.

By directly connecting shippers with carriers, Loadshop helps reduce artificial market inflation, creating a more efficient, streamlined system for posting and booking loads.

The Loadshop platform also integrates with existing transportation management systems and is free to use, with shippers only paying a nominal fee once a load is booked.

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Using Loadshop™ for your shipping and hauling needs comes with a number of key benefits that can have a big impact on your business and your bottom line, including:

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Shipper-set rates

Loadshop™ is the only digital freight matching platform that allows shippers to post an instantly bookable offer to preapproved carriers of their choosing across the marketplace.

Rate transparency

With Loadshop, pricing is direct between shippers and carriers, so both know the anticipated payout beforehand.

Cost and time savings

Loadshop delivers real-time cost and time savings by allowing shippers to post loads to thousands of carriers.

Waste elimination

Loadshop provides predictable and adaptable capacity so shippers can leverage qualified carriers (in or out of network).  

A trusted network

The Loadshop system tracks driver safety ratings and performance, and all carriers must pass a background check.

Shippers currently on Loadshop™.

What they are saying about Loadshop™.

I’ve booked a couple of loads with planners I have not worked with before, and they have been great in assisting me on questions and concerns regarding their loads!

David Wasz, AM Trans Expedite | Carriers

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“Your new website is probably the best TMS I have seen.”

Matthew Maybanks, West Side Transport Inc. | Carriers

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“I was poking around the website this morning – it’s very user-friendly! I was able to add some additional lanes to our profile to help broaden our options.”

Megan Haffey, Cox Transfer Inc. | Carriers

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“Loadshop gives our team exposure to new carriers.”

Sheraz Masood, Georgia-Pacific Building Products | Shippers

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“Our favorite saying on the west is, ‘Is it on Loadshop?’ This tool has saved us with all the cross-country loads we have had as of late.”

Kristin Franklin, KBX Logistics | Shippers

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“Loadshop has helped generate savings on our transportation costs.”

Mike Novello, INVISTA | Shippers

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“It’s working good and I’m impressed thus far. I give it an A!”

Bryan Dornan, Tri Alexander | Carriers

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